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Introduction to Logic

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  • Shashendra Eynaud

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Logic as a subject not only teaches you how to " Investigate an argument " it also teaches us how to " Structure an argument for life ". Being a secondary teacher since 2013 I possess extensive experience in teaching logic and few other subjects. Having experience of more than ten years in teaching logic in the English medium I am a well-experienced teacher whose professionally qualified for both philosophy and logic. And currently, I am working as an External University Lecturer. Logic can be considered as an abstract science since it is cultivated as a branch of both philosophy and logic. Most of the students faces difficulties in understanding symbolic logic this is due to the lack of availability of local syllabus English medium books. I myself recently completed a book on " Symbolic Logic " through my knowledge and experience which will soon be available for purchase all around the world. This book was specially designed for the curriculum of local students to enhance their knowledge of symbolic logic.

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More than ten years of experience
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MSc in Clinical & Health Psychology University of West London, London


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